What is Focus Peaking?

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Re: What is Focus Peaking?

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It was referred to in the recent (02/04/13) article on Panasonic's strategic quandaries. But what is focus peaking?

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Focus Peaking is a feature in Sony’s NEX and SLT cameras, ...

I had a Nikon P&S in 2001 that had focus peaking, it isn't just a recent Sony thing.

Brian A

"Focus Peaking is a feature in Sony’s..."

Didn't mean to imply that it hasn't been used before (in fact, the idea comes from video cameras). But now that you bring it up, which Nikon P&S would that be?

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Sony A55, Sony NEX-3, Sony F828

I don't know, it is long gone now. The implementation was much more subtle than on recent Sonys. The infocus areas were shown with a further increase in contrast to make them more obvious. Could have been the 885.

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