Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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skeys wrote:

much of what has been argued about amongst Pentax owners since I began reading that forum in early 2009. For example: can't get information from Pentax management, disappearance of the lens roadmap, when will we see a FF body, lens price rises after the Hoya purchase, when will a new flash unit be released, what about longer tele lenses (and now that the new tele lens will be released shortly: "$7,000? Are you kidding?), the great number of Pentax owners who left Pentax for Canon and Nikon FF equipment, the death of Pentax Real Soon Now, all the discussion of what Pentax management REALLY meant by their comments when interviewed, the just released video of last week's interview of some Pentax management (on the other forum) which is, as we speak, being pieced apart by concerned Pentax owners.

The K-5ii was admitted to be an interim release by Pentax management. It was all that could be done quickly after their purchase by Ricoh, from Hoya. Many Pentax owners were hoping for/expecting a newer, 24-mpx sensor and better flash management in the next K-5 model. There are those who have purchased the K-5ii/K-5iis and are quite happy. There still are those waiting for the REAL next K-5 model. And there are those still waiting for the FF model.

I wonder if much of that sounds familiar to the Oly equipment owners in this forum. Well, OK, I don't wonder; I read about it every day in both forums.


Steve, I only started following the Pentax forum when I bought a K5 april last year, still I am well aware of the situation Pentax has been in, and still is in. If you want to buy safely into a professional level photographic outfit, then Pentax surely is not the way to go, at least at this moment. Pentax excels at certain things, as does Olympus. They are comparable in ways, relatively small and trying to distinguish themselves to stay in business.

The difference that matters is, that Pentax díd release an update to a well received camera, that was very competitively priced and offers a lot for what you pay for it. You can argue endlessly that the Olympus E5 also offers a lot for the (800,- more) money, but I have always felt, and still feel, that shooting very expensive telelenses as the 150, 90-250 and 300mm for wildlife or birding, you deserve a camera body that does't practically drown in noise from 400 iso and upwards, and cannot handle the tonality and dynamic range of the real world very well at all (which isn't to say that it cannot produce sharp images that look very good, but within a quite limited scope). I sold the E5 and moved to Pentax, because of the ambiguous attitude Olympus management has had towards 4/3, not in a rush at all to give 4/3 owners better options. I think that even with their (very) limited means, Pentax has been putting in a better effort. All the better if Olympus now decides it has to rush to keep 4/3 from slipping away altogether, but saying that E-xxx and E-xx owners are entitled to new releases to keep enjoying their photography, is a sudden and unexpected (to say the least) break with their previous messages, that were meant to get E-xxx and E-xx shooters to move to m4/3, by deliberately ignoring the possibility of future 4/3 cameras in that class.

The Pentax 560mm/5.6 is a remarkable release yes, and I'm not sure in a good sense, it's far too expensive for the maximum aperture. IQ and AF will have to be quite good to justify the price. I chose the Sigma 500/4.5. But probably only Olympus could make a birding/wildlife super telelens as good as the Canons. We were once wishing for a 400/f5.6 over here. It will be good news if Olympus decides to revive 4/3, even if it won't make them a lot of money.


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