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Re: Sadly it's universal, not just for m43 lenses.

Paul De Bra wrote:

Sample variation is a very common problem with lenses.

The 'problem' is that it was not at all common with 4/3 lenses.

Early on, Olympus had a video that showed the extensive control they took to prevent problems and variations with their lenses and they tried (half heartedly) to use their processes as a marketing point.  No one was interested, partially because non Olympus users did not believe it and Olympus users took it for granted.

Now we definitely have a problem with poor QA with m4/3 lenses, which is sad and worse, it has taken many of us a long time to realize that we now have to check each and every lens.  There are many former (or current) 4/3 users with bad lenses because it never occurred to us initially that we had to check, so we waited too long for returns.  It does leave a bad taste in the mouth, particularly for expensive lenses.

IMO, this is much worse than the often complained of 'no lens hood' issue.  In addition to the hassle and disappointment of getting a bad lens, it leaves so much uncertainty all the time - do I have a bad lens?  Is the 'hype' over good lenses just 'hype'?  Why so much variation in opinions on any particular lens?  Is this amount of corner softness 'normal' or should I return it?  Do I send it in for repair or just try another sample?  It makes for a loss of confidence overall, so might help Olympus bottom line in the short term but hurts reputation in the long term.

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