How long until a camera like this? (i.e. today's perfect camera)

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Re: How long until a camera like this? (i.e. today's perfect camera)

I think "impossible" is a pretty stupid answer to be honest. I cannot imagine the number of times people have said "impossible" to Bill Gates and Mac Steve...

Who could have said 15 years ago that you could do a 25-500mm SX260 compact camera that fits in the pocket?

I can really imagine down the road the form factor of camera to change drastically and the electronics to get so small that only the lens remains. Look at the new Canon N camera. The form factor is already changing to get to a point where most of the volume is concentrated around the lens itself and nothing else.

Sure lens do not evolve as fact. But let's face it, progress will still  be made. And if not, why not just stick with a retractable lens and a warping flexible LCD around the lens that could extended and tilted to face the user...

You guys are so backward looking. Mustn't be many tech inventors out there...

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