Usefull experiment.. ! (D700... D3s.. D3X....D4... D800)

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not clear

rayman 2 wrote:

Whats so muzzy and disoriented if you process the nikon cameras side by side to the point in lightroom when they no more exhibit noise......

How are you comparing the two diffrent images.? Have you sampled both to same physical size or are you simply seeing both at 100%?

Thats the common practice of processing high iso files..... and if you look at the results...

you will see what I get up to....

Not at all clear from your description how you are "processing" the files. Can you restate in different terms?  Perhaps an example might help.

The higher the MP the better looking files you got.... with most of the cameras....

Exactly the opposite is common believe.....sometimes in the forums...

Also not clear. Are you printing both to same size?

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