Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

jeffreyrdiamond wrote:

Sorry if this email was long and drawn out. But this has been the culmination of 6 months of despair, trying to make an RX-100 as good as an old CCD camera by any means. I don't really understand why such relative few people seem to have an issue with camera noise. Why waste hard drive space with a 20 megapixel image if really it's only useable at 4-5 megapixels at best? Sure, I could just suck it up, and say, "2 megapixels was good enough for me in 2001, so it should be good enough now." But desktops are already at 4-5 megapixels in resolution, and might go higher in the future... Also, I found that even when I post-processed RX-100 images and shrunk them down 4:1, I couldn't remove the noise. Again, this isn't just me here - professional have noticed it as well.

some of what you are saying sounds similar to my experience using many different digital cameras over the years, both 'compacts' and DSLRs, and looking at online samples of many current cameras. But three days after your first post, we are still waiting for a clear example that shows what noise problem you are talking about ...

I'm sure that most current cameras, even many cheaper ones, will look great when scaled down to 2 or 5 MPixels, assuming optimal settings and processing. When viewed at 100% (the original 12 MP in case of the S100/110, or 20 MP for RX100) the images will look very good in the image center IMHO, but less good towards the corners. I'm talking about low ISO here, not High ISO (low light shooting).

I tried an S110 and did not like it. I don't have a real problem with luminance noise/grain, more with how the structure of the noise sometimes changes throughout the image as a result of internal processing. For me this was the reason to return the S110. Although the central area usually looks good (viewed at 100%), the image tends to 'fall apart' in the borders/corners. One can improve a bit by using RAW, or staying away from optical extremes (full open or WA setting), but not enough for my taste.

I don't think the S110 is a bad camera (my GF uses an S100 and is very happy with it), just too much limitations in image quality compared to my APS-C DSLR, and too little gain in IQ compared to my Sony DSC-F717 from ten years ago (no longer have that one, it was getting too big and slow).

I'm not sure if this noise issue is what you are seeing - I think some other 'compacts' like Canon G1X are better there but it is way too big and slow for me. LX7 and Nikon P7700 look better in this regard than S110, with more even noise structure throughout the image, but they are also relatively big and expensive here in Europe. It's not just image quality, I would also like to have an EVF instead of having to compose with arms stretched on the LCD ... I'm probably going to buy an m43 body with a compact lens instead of a 'compact', but still not sure. If Sony makes an RX200 with some of the issues fixed I will consider it too.

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