Some more birds.. DA* 300mm and K5

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Arijit Banerjee
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Re: Rod, leopold, hikenhi

Thanks for viewing friends.

Rod - If it is a long lens for a Pentax shooter- there are 4 options. The new 560mm- which is quite expensive and not tested in real life yet. The Sigma 500mm f4.5 has been discontinued (in Pentax mount) I believe; the DA* 300mm f4, The 55-300mm and the 60-250mm. The last one, from the images I have seen is a lovely lens by all means. The 55-300mm is a nice lens to enter into the world of distant nature photography and on a safari- is GREAT!

The DA* 300mm is sharp, beautifully balanced on the K5 and finished so well. It is a lens that with decent technique will give you nice images most of the time.

I use the native lens most of the time. OK, I crop- often and a lot - but then the sharpness and micro contrast allows heavy cropping.

The fun is in the stalk. The reach of this lens, at times is limiting. However, make no mistake- size does not really matter unless you know how to use it. the K5 has limitations in AF but that does not bother me too much since I have quick shift here. I try to observe birds (and other critters) and patience works. Getting in close is the key- close is of course relative to size of the subject and how fidgety it is. (Even with a 800mm - which does not exist- some subjects shall be beyond reach). While I do not use hides, I do try to use natural cover as much as I can. I have however shot from vehicles and that is certainly easier. Birds don't get scared so easily if there is a car around. But yes, a hide can be very useful.

I have the Kenko 1.5X Pz TC and the Pentax F 1.7X AF TC. In good light (which will allow stopping down) and a stationary subject, the images can be good. But there is slight deterioration in IQ - how much is acceptable is a matter of taste. I shoot handheld. SR is superb. i have shot 1/13 seconds with the DA* 300mm and got a sharp image. I have a monopod, but am too lazy to lug it around.

I know I cannot afford a 7000 USD lens. So I guess that makes me try harder. I am a forester. been trudging through the wilds for over two decades. Perhaps field work has honed my observation skills a bit. But I too make my share of blunders... quite often.

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