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Re: In on the Panasonic G3 deal

mfj197 wrote:

tt321 wrote:

True. But with certain lenses with very shallow DoF or weird field curvature, it's better to set the focus point to the correct final position, which is very easy with the G3 either through the touch screen or the keypad.

Yes, that's the way I work with wide lenses - set the focus point to where you want it in the frame. However the poster above wanted to lock exposure, then lock focus, then trip the shutter - this can be done by using the half-press of the shutter release whether you recompose or have the focus point set where you finally want it. If you don't want to hold on to the half-pressed shutter release (waiting for a long time for instance) then I guess it's a bit more problematic. You could do it by focussing and then knocking the camera into manual focus I suppose.


Micheal, your earlier reply works as described on my GX1, (exposure hold, then shutter focus) no reason the same can't be true of the newer camera.

Is there a "one shot" focus that can be applied in manual focus ?
This would also be a solution, I know my LX5 can do one-shot focus in manual.


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