Second time's a charm!

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Re: Second time's a charm!

FrankS009 wrote:

I must say that I find the constant references to sample variation in almost every m43 (or perhaps any variety of) lens inhibiting. As someone who lives outside the United States, it has an impact on where one buys a lens, and that also means an impact on price. I also fear that I do not have the expertise to detect when a lens is not a good one or not.

Agreed. This kind of sample variation is especially pitiful in $1,000+ lenses.

I purchased a used lens from LensRentals recently, where they provide you with a serial number for the lens your're buying along with actual test results from that lens. They had another copy of the same lens for sale at the same time. One resolved to 20mm, the other only to 16mm. Needless to say, the sharper copy was more expensive and that's the one I bought.

For expensive lenses, I see no reason (except cost) why manufacturers cannot include a card that shows test results for your specific copy.

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