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Re: We just calculate and speculate ....

KariP wrote:

This is just normal discussion - people sometimes think , calculate and speculate - or delay their decisions before they put their 2000-4000€ to some system or gear.

At the moment i do not want to buy new Canon lenses , especially NOT EFs lenses - or a new FF body. Perhaps later.

Nikon and Canon are not making a camera like Fuji X-E1 at the moment - i need - or i would like to have - something like that before en of March. At the moment a new 6D with my good old 24-105 can produce great image, i'm sure... not very lightweight and not a very good idea of a traveling camera - FOR ME. I saw several people in Venice last October - taking pictures that obviously were just tourists snapshots with a 5DMk III + 70-200f2.6 L...

Not my way - others have other preferences...

I too have been tempted by the the Fuji X-E1 for travel photography so I can really appreciate where you are coming from.  Smaller, lighter, yet still with good image quality is very appealing.

However what holds me back at the moment is the strong suspicion that Canon's forthcoming EOS-M derivative (M2?, or whatever) may well suit me even better.  There are a couple of issues with the X-E1 that I hope the M2 would address and these are:

  1. The Fuji's excellent sensor isn't yet well supported by 3rd party Raw converters like Lightroom and I'm not sure I'd be happy just relying on its JPEGs.  And since I use DPP for most of my work that is certainly not going to work with the Fuji.
  2. Fuji's operation interface is a bit, well quirky.  I'm sure I'd get used to it but switching backwards and forwards between Canon and Fuji might be slightly inconvenient.
  3. I do like the thought of being able to use one of the many Canon EF or EF-S lenses should I need to, even if it's only occasionally and via an adapter.

Given all of that personally I think I'll hang fire but if your deadline is March then obviously the decision is largely made for you.

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