PENTAX - Why Are They Interested in Extremes?

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Re: PENTAX - Why Are They Interested in Extremes?

viking79 wrote:

The presence of a cheap full frame solution is not the answer other than to keep defectors from leaving (but they already lost most of those people 2 years ago). Sony didn't start selling a lot of full frames until the popularity of the NEX system took off and it shows people are willing to pay $2800 for a compact RX1 full frame, but not $2000 for a very high quality DSLR full frame.

My point is if Pentax releases a full frame camera there is no guarantee it will sell to anyone but a few Pentax die hard fans. It has to be better than the Canon and Nikon D600 and 6D or offer something those don't. If I were a disinterested 3rd party looking to buy a D600, 6D, or theoretical K-1, the K-1 better have improved focus system, weather sealing, compact size, or something to give it that edge, otherwise it will be hard for Pentax to sell very many.


Amazon's sales charts certainly do not reflect this...

Cameras and Photo Sales Chart....

RX1 - #645

D600 - #195

6D - #71

The problem is more...

a99 - #1768

The Canikon grip on FF is simpley much stronger than it is on ASPC due IMHO to the extra importance such users place on a large lens lineup and the likelyhood of long term support.

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