Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

B1ackhat wrote:

Much like old relationships, people tend to primarily remember the good things as time passes. If you look back at the sample photos from the DPR review, you will see that there is a ton of visible noise even in the reduced images at base ISO. The S110, while a step behind the S95, is worlds ahead of the IXUS 330 and most certainly not even in the same universe as my iPhone 4S, which is generally considered to have a good camera by mobile standards. Yes, CMOS sensors are noisier than CCD all else being equal, but when comparing an S110 to either of the 2 models you mentioned, I'll take the S110 any day. That said, I agree that the S95 has better IQ, though after spending a couple weeks with the S110 I was quite pleased with it and would be willing to live with the slight reduction in IQ for some of the other improvements it offers. Unfortunately I had an issue with mine and had to return it, but I will likely be picking up another one.

I tried an S110 recently and was disappointed with the noise levels at low ISO, especially outside the central image area. It is also clear that these images have far less room for processing than those from cameras with a larger sensor. Most likely this extra noise is due to too much internal processing (to correct lens abberations like vignetting, distortion and hue shift). These small CMOS chips really are noisy, and they need lots of 'processing magic' to produce a nice image; having to give an additional 'boost' to the corners does not help. To some extent I see similar problems in RX100 images.

If I compare to my Sony DSC-F717 from ten years ago, the Sony has a more pleasing image at low ISO (of course, at high ISO the S110 is much better because it has far more advanced noise processing). Just to be sure: I'm talking about noise at low ISO, not about High ISO performance (like 800 ISO or higher). My old Sony has the advantage of the slightly bigger 2/3 inch sensor, but probably the CCD technology is the other reason why it looks better at low ISO.

I agree that S110 is a nice camera if you can accept the limitations. It offers a lot of photo technology in a very small package, but for me the image quality (in good light) is just not good enough.

The IS in the RX100 has to work a bit harder due to the size of the sensor (and perhaps Canon does have a better IS than Sony as well).

yes, that is one of the issues (the other is needing to stop down for sharp corners) that make the RX100 gain in low light smaller than in theory - depending on actual shooting conditions.

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