occasional magenta/green blotches

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Re: occasional magenta/green blotches

Hornbrille wrote:


I confess using ISO 200 most of the time. But your are right: ISO 100 would be appropriate for most cases and one can get rid of blotches and posterization in the deep shadows by this. It's my shaky hands and moving objects which are the reason to still prefer ISO 200.


I've been using 100 on the tripod and 200 handheld. At 73 my shakey hands need all the help I can get. Two things help me handheld....Using the viewfinder so I can steady the camera against my body, and using a short strap around my neck so when using the LCD handheld I can make a tripod out of my arms and the stap by pushing firmly away from me. The blotchs aren't showing up that much. I seem to see them mostly in scene's with low light, and have been somewhat successful in removing them in LR.

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