Canon 6D and Lens question 70-200 F2.8 V2 or F4 IS

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Correct way to make your decision

Dane01 wrote:

All great feedbacks, well I went ahead and borrowed a 70-200 f2.8 VII, as was curious, of course the images are excellent no doubt but at the same time the lens is way too heavy for daily use and way too big. Definitely not a casual use lens. Have decided to get the F4 after using the 2.8 and also reading all the discussions. Hope the F4 turns out to be almost similar sharpness as the F2.8 as quality was really sharp.

Also with the 6D could always use the extra stop as am sure will be sharp enough. Cant wait to get the F4 and update. Thanks for all the posts.

Getting a hands on feel for any lens is far more more valuable than any advice you can get in these forums.  I use the f/2.8 v2 on a daily basis, and wouldn't part with it.  But image quality doesn't mean much if it sits in your camera bag because its too big and bulky for you to use.

And, if you ever get a chance to borrow a 135 f/2, do so.  Light weight, inconspicuous and stunning IQ.


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