Questions for Bob Colette on Kodak 6850

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Re: Questions for Bob Colette on Kodak 6850

flashmedic wrote:

A few years later, and with a dramatic shift in Kodak's industry position.
Any change/update on this advice?

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.  I retired from Kodak in 2006, so I'm no longer privy to any company information.  The 6800/6850 printers are still available, both new & refurbished, as is media.  Obviously, Kodak (the company) isn't doing very well, but that doesn't mean that the products that they developed are necessarily bad.  Of course, in the 7 years since my last reply to this thread, inkjet printer technology has advanced.  For someone contemplating starting to do event photography today, it would probably make more sense to consider inkjet printers.  However, for someone who already owns a Kodak 6800/6850 printer, I see no compelling reason to abandon it.

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