Panny 7-14 vs ZD 7-14, anyone have experience with both?

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Re: Panny 7-14 vs ZD 7-14, anyone have experience with both?

acahaya wrote:

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acahaya wrote:

I own both but rarely use the FT version on the E-M5, even in bad weather because the front lens of my FT 7-14 magically attracts raindrops

The FT version will create the same amount of flare but it looks better (less purple). I did a short test last week and posted results (text only) in one of the purple haze threads. Bottom line is that i took lots of images with CA and flare but never managed to get that ugly blotch like purple haze with both lenses (also compared the FT 9-18, fish, 12-60 and the mFT 12mm and 12-50. AF is accurate but slow. Still usable though.

I changed my mFt 9-18 for the mFT 7-14 because i missed the 2mm wide open and the FT 7-14 is too big and heavy, i.e. special purpose only. The mFT 7-14 at least fits into my mFT bag.

For shooting in wet conditions i'd probably prefer one of the 9-18 lenses with a lens hood because the front lens is better protected against raindrops.


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Err the 9-18's aren't weather sealed ... are you just planning on tossing them away or replacing the camera with another purchase?

They are not weather sealed but will survive some raindrops. In very wet conditions you can use a small plastic bag to protect the lens and front side of the cam.

But even if there is only 1 raindrop per square yard you can be sure it will land on the lens of the 7-14 lenses, making them useless in light rain unless you are taking pictures of the ground

BTW i bought my 7-14 in 2007 and the Ft 9-18 as soon as it was avilable because of the raindrop problem. I 've been using the mFT 9-18 since 2010 and it survived several sessions in light rain, splashing water and sand. You have to be a bit careful but there is no need to be overprotective. No damage here so far.

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I would be concerned with the internals of the cameras.

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