Canon 6D and 50 1.4

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Re: Canon 6D and 50 1.4

Applemike68 wrote:

Hi all,

I should be receiving my new 6D with 24-105 L lens my question is why would I need a 50 1.4 lens sonce the kits lens covers that range. Thanks for the input

the camera will be used mainly for landscapes, kids and indoor and outdoor photo's

Hi Applemike68

I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I had a 40D + 17-50 2,8 + 70-200f4L + sigma 50mm and it was stolen from me ; now I'm going to get a 6D + 24-105 (and will get other lenses further down the road).

As I don't really now my use of the full frame field of view, I'll get the 25-105 first, then over a couple of month I'll analyse the stats from my use and decide accordingly which prime to get (35 vs 50 vs 85).

If you're settled on the 50mm FL, the sigma really is amazing!

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