Levitation Photo [1 Img]

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Re: Levitation Photo [1 Img]

That is very true about the feet.  I contemplated constructing an angled platform for people to stand on should I ever attempt something like this again.  I also considered shooting just the legs dangling, as you mentioned, and merging them.  But I was lazy.  Maybe next time.



mache1966 wrote:

I always like your work Proudfather, the only thing that stands out a little to me are the feet. My mind tells me that they would look better if they were angled down, sort of hanging. They look to flat, giving away that the model was stood on a flat surface. Not sure if knew you were going to be doing a levitation shot from the start, if so, perhaps at the time of the shoot you could have taken a second shot with the model seated on a high stool with the feet dangling and then merged those into the composite. Second option might be if you can do something with them in photoshop.

Just my thoughts, easy looking in from the outside after the event



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