sell 14 and 45? then what?

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When I am out on a walk in the woods, I find I actually use the most variety of lenses. Sometimes there are close ups of plants I want, or long shots, or really wide shots. In that case, I take the 14-140mm as the all purpose solution, but add the 12mm and the 100-30mm, and sometimes the legacy 55mm macro, for the heck of it....and I use them all. If I took just the 12mm or 14mm, I would be frustrated by missing some good long shots or macro opportunities in the woods.

I think what lenses you need really strongly depends on what shooting environment you are in at the time....


Frankly I am past the age where I need to have the equipment to shoot from the galaxies to the insect.

If you haven't set your mind about what you can successfully shoot, what you are good at, you'll just keep on collecting stuff just in case.

Nobody is good at everything. Very few are good at something.


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Yes, exactly! That's why I'm consider reducing the lenses I own!

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