Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: RX100 Action shot indoors at night

wazu wrote:

I would suggest the OP look into the Olympus xz-2 it's very compact, much better lens than the RX100 and should be superior in IQ to Canon S100-110. Alternative is the Panasonic LX-7

I doubt the XZ-2 is in general much better than S110 and I would not consider it 'very compact' as it is one of the biggest quality compacts on the market. These cameras are using a similar sensor technology (1/1.6-1.7" CMOS), and some of the pictures of XZ-2 (e.g. on website) don't look very promising either.

I just returned an S110 because I don't like the noise even in Low ISO images. But the problem is mostly in the borders/corners, probably due to heavy in-camera processing that is going on. I see the same problem in many RX100 images, although those are better especially in the central area of the image (but the difference going into the corner is often even worse). I can imagine the supposedly better lens of the XZ-2 helps, but only if the OP has a problem with the same border/corner noise and smearing that I'm seeing. I'm saying 'supposedly better lens' because some of the XZ-2 images don't look very good in the corners either.

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