Is AF-C basically a myth for NEX?

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Re: the "FLY" on the Ointment is that LAEA2 cost $300~400. Cheaper just to buy SLT DSLR

dpyy wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

007peter wrote:

Those dog shots are stunning, I'm impressed with what you achieve with a LA-EA2 on Sony NEX. But my euphoria was short lives, when I discover that:

  • LA-EA2 cost $399.99 retail (; cheapest is $279 by B&H
  • factor in the cost of buyin $XXX A-mount Telephoto lens
  • factor in the increase in SIZE, BULK, WEIGHT of the entire package.....

The Pink Elephant in the room is that is it simply CHEAPER, FASTER, and SMALLER just to buy a Separate Sony A33/A37/A55/SLT for sports action shoot. This way you get the true 8 ~ 10fps without compromises while keeping a smaller "overall" package size.

Thank you.

I picked LAEA2 off Amazon for $270. To me it is worth it since I like to use two bodies and A55 and the NEX make the perfect duo. Another way I look at it is that my Sigma 18-250 HSM OS (for A55) was $450. An 18-200 for E-mount is about $750. That itself makes up the cost. Then I use 35mm/1.8 SAM ($165) between the two cameras. And a macro, the STF and the 200mm/2.8 *great size/weight and speed for NEX).

So EA2 may or may not make sense depending on many other factors.

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Speaking of EA2, does it matter if I get DT lenses or non-DT lenses? Does it affect focal length?

No. A 200mm focal length, whether on DT lens (designed for APS-C) or on FF, is going to have the same projection. However, due to smaller sensor, the outer part of the image circle is discarded since APS-C is smaller than full frame. This results in a field of view comparable to 300mm lens on FF. So, Minolta 200mm f/2.8 G (which is a FF lens) or E-mount 55-210 at 200mm will have identical FOV.

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Sony A55, Sony NEX-3, Sony F828

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