IS blurring : does your 24-105mm f4 L have this problem?

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Re: And without sunlight?

Port Royal Dad wrote:

epozar wrote:

And without flash?

The flash helped with focus assist only; the concern described above (by the OP) deals with the lens' image stabilization as-well-as how the lens reacts while the aperture is changed from f/4 to f/5.6 and the focal length changed from 24mm to 105mm

The room in which I took the photo examples was a bit on the dark side. The use of flash only helped make the object brighter. I could have just as well gone outside on my deck and used the ambient lighting from the sun for these examples, shot at 1/5s and f/4 to f/5.6

Would the question then have been, "And without sunlight?"

Regards, Mike

I suspect your 1/8th power of flash will cause the effective exposure time way too short. As a result the shutter speed of 1/5 s has no meaning. I don't have the exact calculations at hand but my guess is the effective shutter speed for that exposure seems 1/1600 (assuming the sync speed is 1/200)

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