X20 delivery estimate from amazon

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Re: X20 delivery estimate from amazon

Absolutic wrote:

Just got my delivery estimate for X20 from amazon... if you can call it estimate..

We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on January 24, 2013 (Order# 110-XXXXXXX-XXXXXX):
"Fujifilm X20 12 MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black)"
Estimated arrival date: February 28, 2013 - April 23, 2013

That is almost two months window!!!! Not a very good estimate in my opinion. I hope it is closer to 2/28 date than to 4/23 date.

Hi Absolutic,

It's interesting how Amazon, B&H and Adorama estimate delivery times of the X20:

Amazon: "Usually ships within 1 to 3 months"

Adorama: "Delivery scheduled to start February"

B&H: "Expected availability Feb. 28"

Is Amazon more truthful in their wording compared to the other two?  I think it would hurt Adorama and B&H sales of the future X20 if they stated it like Amazon did.  It's all in the wording; usually ships vs scheduled vs expected…. a game of words!  I do hope it starts shipping on Feb.28.


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