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Re: Eagles.

dave vichich wrote:

I took about 2100 pics over the weekend, I was bound to get a few good ones.

Great shooting Dave!  Talk about a target-rich environment!

I was using a Canon 300f2.8is with a Canon 2X tc, all shots hand held.

I have a good buddy who uses that combo (it's still on my own wish list).

I used AI Servo 99% of the time, even for the sitting in the tree shots. I was just to lazy to change the setting.

That's OK.  I use AI Servo 100% of the time, all the time!  Never have an AF issue from that.

I was shooting in manual mode, (setting aperture and shutter speed manually) if you do that, I don't think it matters if your in center weighted or partial, or spot.

Right.  It's the only mode that'll give you enough shot to shot consistency (too easy to blow the whites otherwise).

I take a shot, look at it, and adjust my settings accordingly.

Given the time, that's the best approach (watching for those "blinkies").

Well , super shots Dave.  Hopefully I might be able to get out to shoot some baldies yet this winter!



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