Strange Epson 3800 problem

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Re: Strange Epson 3800 problem

Bernie Ess wrote:

xrdbear wrote:

I believe the ink is in a bag with the pressure being applied to the outside of the bag. Consequently it will not slosh audibly full or empty. 80ml of liquid is only about 80g so very difficult to judge by weight. I reckon your carts are nearly full as the driver says.

What happens if you do a nozzle clean?

Well, I guess I can feel the difference between an empty and a full cart, 80ml is just 80g right? Relatively to the total weight of the cart, that is quite a lot.

OK, having checked a full and an empty one I agree with you. For reference I weighed them. A full cart is 151g and one that the printer says is empty is 75g. Neither slosh audibly.

Interesting about the stuck valve possibility. Up till now I only ever used my printer with matte black but now that I have the 4800 as well I think I may change the 3800 over to photo black and leave it there. I will have to keep an eye on the ink usage for a while after I make the changeover.

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