Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: DPReview: "the RX100 comfortably trumps the little Canon S100"

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

YiannisPP wrote:

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

Actually it is not me, it is Canon.

Facts speak for themselves, let's face them.

And web-sites like DPReview and DigitalVersus help newcommers in distingwishing between hype and reality.

They certainly do. DPReview's conclusion of RX100 Review:

"Sony's RX100 much larger sensor means it outshines the Canon S100 in every respect bar price. With around three times more light collecting area and a lens with similar F-number range, the RX100 comfortably trumps the little Canon." How's that for reality, you like?!

As for you working in a "very big financial institution", that's probably in your dreams. But even if it's true, it wouldn't really be a surprise. Those institutions have their fair amount of immature men working for them. Ones with a propensity for misleading and conning people by mentioning one positive number and hiding ten more negative ones. The kind of people that caused the credit crisis. And you certainly fit that profile. Maybe when you grow up you can really work in one of those institutions.

Lol, YiannisPP.

Looks like immature person is actually you if you really think what you wrote about financial institutons and credit crisis. This is not the right forum and it is not your "bread and butter" to discuss it here.

Regarding your DPReview quote,

you completely forgot that RX100

- does not have 24mm,

- it has much worse macro,

- it has softer corners at the wideangle,

- it does not have ND filter

just to name a few, apart from being much bigger and much more expensive.

It is you, YiannisPP, who is trying to justify your purchase by mentioning one dubious quote and hiding the whole picture.

S950, RX100, and LX7 hands-on experience by forum users in this thread confirm that there is no "best camera" in the world. All of them are just a bunch of compromises.

I didn't forget anything Dimitri, just followed your suggestion...simplicity is the ultimate sophistication you said. So I quoted the summary conclusion from DPReview:  "Sony RX100 outshines the Canon S100 in every respect bar price... the RX100 comfortably trumps the little Canon." It's you who doesn't practice what you preach. In any case, we let people decide if they agree with your conclusion, or DPReview's. What do ya think?

Finally I agree with you, this isn't the place to discuss financial institutions. Especially not with someone who still uses the expression "bread and butter" lol. So last decade Dimitri my friend, so last decade.

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