If I take a photo...II - Challenge: Sunset in the mountains II

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Re: If I take a photo...II - Challenge: Sunset in the mountains II

RaptorUK wrote:


Th Host is correct but there should be a DPReview general Challenge rule that says:

All Challenge entries, unless otherwise stated by a Host in the Challenge rules, MUST be the work of the Entrant.

. . . or similar. Then there would be no issue, no confusion and no need for a discussion.


Sure, there is an obvious need to explicitly state even those things that should have been clear from other aspects of life, moral and ethical postulates. But then, this is exactly what "intellectual rights" means.

You may inherit various things, but you can't always go on using them exactly as the person you have inherited is from. For instance, you may inherit a pistol, but you can't inherit a CC Permit: this right must be obtained personally.

The same with a copyright: one can have a "right to copy", which extends to the level of "right to destroy" - but no authoring right. The fact that someone has created something is contained in that person's right to call themselves its author. No other person, dead or living, can posess that single fact of an artwork.

The real problem here is that such things aren't readily understood by all those involved in creative activities, and yet, everyone expects to be acknowleged as a photographer.

Or has it come so far that these things will have to be printed within camera manuals? To me, it's a pretty sad state of affairs.

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