DEATH,,, Where dose the spark go?

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Re: Reincarnation....

Bill Randall wrote:

Don_D wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

Let's assume reincarnation is true. We die, disintegrate and come back as either another human or something else. The big question is: Do we remember our previous life?

If the answer is no, then what has reincarnation accomplished for us? Since very few people remember a past life, it would seem to me reincarnation in not a reasonable possibility.

Reincarnation at least would explain why we are here and NOW.

How so?

I'm not saying that without reincarnation we couldn't be here, but the chances of us being here NOW are infinitesimally small if we have only one life.

How did you arrive at this conclusion?

I mean what are the chances that our very short finite life is NOW on an infinite time line? answer...approaching zero..

I don't understand.

My understanding of time is that it stretches in the past to infinity and towards the future to infinity.  Our lifetimes are only a few years and very short when compared to this infinite time line.

This is just my way of visualizing the idea that over the thousands and billions of years of times past and time future we are here NOW and it has always seemed to me to be incredibly lucky and strange.  It always has seemed to me much more likely that we wouldn't be here at this time and place, but here we are.

If we kept coming back, even if we were unaware of previous lives the chances of us being here NOW improve to a certainty.

So we are here now because of reincarnation. So who was the first person to be reincarnated? Cars going down an assembly line are not reincarnated, yet they populate the entire world.

Who knows why we are here...I don't think that we are capable of understanding that.

All I'm saying that if we keep coming back rather than just have one shot at life, to me it makes a little more sense.  It's kinda like maybe we are here NOW and we always were and always will be, but we are only aware of one small life at a time.

The other alternative attempt at an explanation of why we are here and NOW is that we don't really understand time.....that is, the framework and how we organize our thoughts about our existence and awareness is all wrong to start with, we're trying to make sense of our existence but we're using the wrong model.

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