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Ultradan wrote:

wether reading these forums is a bad idea, you see until fairly recently I was just your average run of the mill photographer taking photo's of the things I like to shoot - the ocean, surfing etc. I have had quite a few shots published in various magazines over the years and every time I have been really happy with how they looked, now, granted I'm not talking National Geographic or Vanity Fair but still national mags read by many. So to the point - until I started reading these types of forums I never really tried to notice the difference between images (on a pixel size scale) nor did I ever worry about how many actuations my camera has done. Now I find myself pouring over photos on pixel peeper trying to see if I can notice a difference between a 5d mk1 and a 1ds mk2 or a 1d mk3 and a 1dx. I have come to the conclusion that pretty much 95% of everything that is is discussed about "which camera is better" is just waffle - there really isn't (or hardly isn't) any real difference between pretty much all of the modern day camera body's Image quality if using the same lens in the same conditions by a competent photographer. That is to say that there isn't thousands of ££'s difference anyhow. Yes I appreciate that there are pro's on here that genuinely need the top level gear for large print and other applications, but I bet if most were honest they hardly ever blow up their photos large enough to notice the benefit of all the extra spent ££'s and most people just upload their best shots to flikr - or similar sites.

I appreciate that I am probably coming across as ignorant and negative and I assure you that that is not my intention, I am actually happy that I have come to this conclusion at this relative early stage and before I made a mistake and went and spent money on a camera body that probably would make no real world improvement over my current body (Eos 550d w grip). I personally believe that money spent on decent glass is money far better spent than trying to cram in an extra few megapixels/latest technology.

I really look forward to peoples responses (try not to be too harsh!) and hearing their points of view on this subject and their thoughts on the difference in image quality across the range of modern day camera bodies, i.e last 10 years.


You're far from "coming across as ignorant and negative". In fact you hit that nail on right the head.

The simple, hardly deniable fact that many have difficulty to deal with around here:

Most of the current mid to top range DSLRs from most manufacturers can deal astonishingly well with 95-98% of what any serious amateurs/professionals are bound to require from their cameras.


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