E-M5 fun and frustration at the same time

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Can't please everyone

Don't know what to make of the purple spots with the 7-14. I use my ZD 7-14 on the EM5, flawless performance. However, it is not a small lens.

The VF is in the center, because that's the optimal location for the IBIS sensor: center and as high as possible to get the maximum movement detection. That's one reason it works so well. I certainly wouldn't trade the killer IBIS for a different VF location. NEX doesn't even have IBIS at all.

I've had the 45 1.8 for almost a year now, showing no signs of wear. I could nitpick, it's a bit less sharp than my ZD 50F2 when both are wide open, but still, it's a marvel of size, AF speed, and price. As for comparing it to a Canon lens, well there is quite a size difference. And AF speed difference.

I suppose there are things about the EM5 that could be done better, but I prefer to focus on what I can do better with it, not how someone else could possibly improve it to meet my specific needs. I can't change what Olympus does, but I can change what I do.

As it is, the EM5 is a marvel of functionality and compactness. No one else makes anything like it. Bonus: it puts a contemporary sensor behind my very sharp ZD lenses.

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