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Re: Einstein 640 + CyberSync questions

Timzee wrote:


If you are dedicating the receiver to be used with a Bee, I recommend the AC version over the battery version. The AC version connects inline with the Bee's power cord. You already have power for the Bee, so no extra wiring is needed. With the Battery version you need to change the batteries every once in a while.

We do have a Vagabond II portable power supply. I see on their site that this unit is being phased out, apparently in favor of their newer lithium models. I had been thinking of going wireless with one light, but your point that we would already have power to the other Bees makes sense. We're also looking at a track/rail type system for the lights so that might make the wireless route w/ battery less practical.

Even with the Vagabond, it is providing AC power to the Bee.  The CSR+ shouldn't be enough of an additional load to cause an issue.

The advantage of the battery version is in a situation where you are using it as a "trigger-only" for a battery powered non-Bee light.

Be aware that the CSR+ ad CSRB+ receivers are not as elegant as the Einstein's receiver. The CSR+/CSRB+ receivers are bigger, and dangle off the Bee connected by a telephone cable (and possibly a power cable)

Right, but FAR more elegant than the spaghetti like concoction of phone wires we tried to set up with their LG4X remote. Pretty much retired that after the first couple of uses.

I actually find the LG4X easier to use than the CyberCommander.  My studio is wired with Cat-5 jacks next to all the power outlets.   I taped the phone cord for the remote to the power cord for the Bee.  I had one bundle of cables from the LG4X to two adjacent Cat-5 jacks.  I even had splitters in the wiring closet that allowed me to have multiple Bees off each LG4X channel.  This eliminated phone cords for the remote running all over the studio.  I do understand that most studios don't have Cat-5 jacks by every outlet.

If the Einsteins had the remote jack, I would still be using my LG4X.   I like having an easy accessible switch for turning the modeling lights off/on.  I also like having dedicated mechanical sliders for each channel.

Yes, the CyberCommander does more, but the LG4X does enough, and it's very easy to use.

They do work as advertised. Once you have the system set up, It's as easy to control a Bee as an Einstein.

I do recommend that you place large labels on each receiver with their channel number. This makes it easy to keep track of which light is which.

Thanks again Michael for explaining everything so thoroughly! I think it makes sense to go with the Cyber devices then if things progress well, perhaps phase out the Bees for the Einsteins over time as things develop.


You're welcome.

I agree, it makes sense to go with the Cyber remotes and phase in EInsteins to replace the Bees.  That's what I am doing.

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