How much DOF do you like?

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Re: Here is the shot at f2... have none between f4 and f10

qianp2k wrote:

MAC wrote:

yep, and if they added IS to the 135, I'd pay $1300

All Canon prime lenses below 300mm show their ages and need to be updated. My guess is that 135L II may comes with 'IS' but will be around $1400. All L primes below 100mm probably still will not have 'IS'.

Personally I got 70-200L/2.8 IS II that do multiple functions including portrait so I will skip 135L and 85L (but will consider Sigma 85/1.4 if it updated in Arts series). But pro portrait photog will still pickup L prime over zoom for attractive extreme shallower DOF, better bokeh and smoother and creamier background blur. BTW, 70-200l/2.8 IS II is not that heavy if I just use it in fields from time to time but it's pretty heavy if I carry it and walk in a city entire day. Under the same consideration I got 24-70L/2.8 II and will skip 24L, 35L and 50L but might get Sigma 35/1.4 later. For my purposes, zoom are just more useful and versatile but will collect a few fast-aperture prime lenses down to the road.

sounds like you hit the lotto?

you're probably right on the $1400.  I almost bought non-IS for $900 - lowest price I had seen

with 70-200II and 24-70 II you got the best for pj action for sure - except you needed a 1dx instead of 1d3 to go with your 5d3.  Go for it!

with the high iso bodies these days I'm seeing wedding photogs switch back from prime sets to these two awesome zooms because they know they can get the shot at f2.8 without flash with their hi iso and still isolate the subject with f2.8 on FF.

So for me, the ultimate 5 would be

1dx + 70-200II

5d3 + 24-70II

35 f1.4 art + new 85 f1.4 art

new 14-24 f2.8 IS

what's that price $17K - I wonder if I could carry all of that - LOL

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