“Full Frame Equivalence” and Why It Doesn’t Matter

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Re: Proper Mental Hygiene for Equivalephobiacs

Mjankor wrote:

I have no issue with equivalence. It's a basic fact of physics. I just have no time for people who want to use equivalence to troll others and claim small sensor cameras are useless.

So it would not bother you if I got defensive about M43 users criticizing my LX3's image quality, I take it ? But the fact that I am a GH2 user would make me "OK" ? I think that the sensitivities may arise more out of personal format preferences and loyalties than anything technically related.

IMO, equivalence is a useful way to compare across cameras, but at the same time, for an awful lot of users the effects of equivalence don't mean anything.

Then why do they choose to read posts and threads where equivalences are being discussed ?

If you need shallow DoF, or are really pushing the sensor on a camera, then equivalence may be important to you.

The same is true where it comes to people who may desire deep DOF. Basic facts of physics ...

However, it's also likely that you know what your doing as a photographer and know the effects of sensor size and have chosen a camera appropriate for your needs.

Why feel insecure in the least then ? And why not read things that are not somehow disturbing ?

For most photographers, and for most photos, the equivalence theory does not matter.

Why make "appeals to an imaged sense of majority" ? Why worry about things that "don't matter" to you ? The internet is chocked full of subject matter that does not interest me in the least. I don't make it a point to join in discussions that do not interest me just to announce that. What interests me about this thread are the perceptions of "victimization" being expressed. Hard to understand.

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