DotTune: AF tune technique without taking photos

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Re: Focus target is important for tight AF tune range

All of this is a ridiculous amount of discussion for something so simple. It took me maybe 1hr to adjust 6 lenses on my d800 and I haven't fiddled with them since.

Mount the lens, take a perfectly focused picture with live view as a baseline for sharpness. Then use viewfinder autofocus. If the two images don't match, try +5 or -5. If you're heading in the right direction and the images get sharper, keep going +5, +10, +15. Once you overshoot and the image starts to get worse, dial it back +14, +13, +12. Within 10 shots you should have a perfect adjustment. Then repeat for the next lens.

This really isn't complicated and doesn't need pages and pages of discussion. What's the point in using the unreliable green dot when you have a 3.2 inch LCD which you can use to focus perfectly at 100% magnification?

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