Canon 6D and Lens question 70-200 F2.8 V2 or F4 IS

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Re: Canon 6D and Lens question 70-200 F2.8 V2 or F4 IS

Dane01 wrote:

Not sure if this question needs to go in the lens section or here, but just got the Canon 6D and have been debating between the 2 lenses. Initially was thinking of buying the 70-200 F2.8 VII lens, but than after reading reviews and comparisons it seems can save the extra $1000 and weight by just going the F4 IS route.

I plan to use the lens for casual use, some sports at times and mostly kids portraits. Low light situations are not too many, but seems the 6D can handle that.

From experience need to know if there are any 6D users out there with these lenses and what your recommendation would be as right now the F4 is for $1099.


I had the same dilemma having bought a 5d3 and eventually went for the 2.8 II and dont regret it at all ( although my bank manager does). The whole set up is very well balanced and I haven't found the weight a big issue as you are already carrying a big camera and lens. Perhaps a full day of walking around and it would make a difference, but I would probably being using a shorter zoom in that circumstance. The 2.8 has amazing colour and sharpness at full zoom and obviously a very narrow depth of field at 2.8.

The one thing that did also sway me was the possibility that we may go on safari later in the year and the 2.8 allows me to use the x2 teleconverter at 5.6 wheras the F4 doesn't.

That said I couldnt decide for ages and I am sure you will get great results with either.

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