How often do you crop?

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Roger Krueger Senior Member • Posts: 2,785
99.9% cropped

I shoot live music, time limited with a huge workload. Every decision I can postpone I do.

Futzing around getting composition dead perfect in the viewfinder takes too long. Shooting mountains that don't move with no deadlines? Groovy. But if you're trying to get five looks on four fast-moving musicians in three two-minute songs? It's DEATH.

Wide open in the dark the center AF point is the most reliable on many bodies. I can either let that fact dictate ugly bullseye compositions or I can crop.

You've only got so many brain cells. While you're shooting use them all for things you can't fix later—focus, timing, positioning.

Even my non-music stuff—horses over jumps—every thought is about keeping the AF point where it needs to be, and timing the tiny instant where the front legs are in the right position. Even then there are plenty of misses. I'm going to add more misses by worrying about something I can do later? Not.

It's far more prudent to err on the side of loose. Get a shot too tight? Throw it away. Get a shot too loose? Crop it and keep it. If you're doing anything where productivity and reliability matter the math is inescapable.

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