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Have had one since 2011

Very good camera. Ergonomically excellent - feels in the hand very similar to a classical compact SLR such as the ME-Super or the FA (more similar to the FA with the small grip, but the G3 is lighter).

Could have more buttons and less button sharing. Adding a single button would improve the interface a lot. The FN button close to the thumb is a bit too flush with the surrounding surface and not easy to operate. I use it for preview, which I only use occasionally.

VF update frequency is a bit low which might get in the way on occasion. This is very bad for people who suffer from motion sickness.

Video is quick and easy and reasonable quality, with quite good audio from the built in mic (no option for external mic).

Fully articulated touch-screen works very well. AF is quick and generally accurate.

The worst problems are base and low ISO shadow noise and shutter shock. Not one for DR chasers. Second worst problem is the very shallow buffer.

Kata DL-H-531, which can sometimes be obtained for about 12 pounds, contains G3, kit zoom, plus two other lenses. There is additional space available for several batteries, filters and cards.

Most of these photos are done with the G3. As you can see, within reason, the AF of this camera could even cope with trainer jets flying directly towards the photographer, even with a telephoto lens.

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