New sensor tech coming from Panasonic

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Re: New sensor tech coming from Panasonic

iano wrote:

I don't get it.

I am trying to recall the last time a manufacturer announced a new technology without announcing a product at the same time.

They published the technology since their patents will we published soon.

I mean if no one can buy anything yet, why make news about it? Sure these things get leaked etc...but this is a manufacturer announcement.

How does telling us about this tech without even an upcoming product we can buy, help sales in any way?

Checking their descriptions (see the PDF referenced earlier in thread) it looks like the pixel pitch need to be small, in 1..2µ range. No problem for small sensors but may be a four-thirds sensor would be up to 64 Mpix (just calculate the FF yourself)

If they are starting the lead up to announcing a product, then great. Makes sense and we should not have to wait long to hear the plan.

Otherwise this seems a reason NOT to buy Panasonic as any Camera could be the launch for this. Isn't it simply a reason to delay buying right now?

Last sensor generations have been half to full stop better than the previous generation. This didn't stop sales IIRC. And we're all complaining about the drawback: ISO 200 is default now...

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