XZ-10 vs. S110 vs. RX100 Battle of the pocketables

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Re: XZ-10 vs. S110 vs. RX100 Battle of the pocketables

tkbslc wrote:

You are technically correct, however the Perspective and typical usage of the long end of any of these cameras is close enough as to be interchangeable. If we were talking 50 vs 130mm, I would agree with you.

Agree about close enough at the long end, for the average user (but for portraits DOF control at 80-100mm effective is more important IMHO). Obviously some of the other quality compacts are better than XZ-10 at the short end, but that is not important for most users either.

So XZ-10 is 'close enough' when it comes to DOF or nominal aperture, but with a significantly smaller sensor (probably more noise/smearing, less DR etc.). XZ-10 doesn't look that much smaller or cheaper than other quality compacts with bigger sensor. They really need a state-of-the-art 1/2.3"sensor in there to compete with what is available.

Btw, it's interesting how mr. Terada says they are not convinced about using (much) bigger sensors for quality compacts, that the lens is a very important part of the deal and that you can't shrink it too much without compromising quality. It is good that they keep experimenting with this (capitalise on the lens, not on the sensor) and in that sense the XZ-10 is a good sign.

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