5N DMF Problem

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Re: 5N DMF Problem

blue_skies wrote:

in DMF mode, pressing the shutter half-way, then touching the dial ring brings up the zoom focus window. You have to keep pressing the shutter button, or you will loose the focus point. After time-out, the view resorts back to full window view. To click on the x2 button, you have to keep pressing the shutter button halfway, a bit awkward.

This is one of my biggest complaints about UI.  The reason this is awkward is because Sony chose to place the x2 button on the bottom softbutton, and instead put the cancel button on top softbutton.  This would be much easier to use if the two were reversed, as you wouldn't have to shift your entire grip to reach that bottom button with your thumb.  And if you need to cancel out of MF assist, chances are you are reframing the entire shot, so shifting your grip isn't an issue.

But they are trying to keep it consistent with the rest of the UI in which the top softbutton is the cancel button...  which is itself stupid as most people intuitively associate up with "yes" and down with "no", like a light switch... or Caesar's judgemental thumb.

I do wish so bad they can hack the 5N.

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