Really like Sigma’s 35 1.4 Art Line Series

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Re: Really like Sigma’s 35 1.4 Art Line Series


As to the 50, I've been doing a bit of research on the lens and outside of what's called schizophrenic focus, it's really no better or worse than any of the other 50mm lenses; what really sets it apart from the others is it's bokah, and it is a tad shaper than some others. The problem is getting it to focus right at times.

Bottom line, when it's on, it’s as good as any 50 out there; when it’s off... it can be bad. Bare in mind here I'm talking about the 50 at 1.4, it does get better around 2 and above.

Anyway I'll play around with it a bit more before I pass final judgment on it, and possibly return/exchange it.

With regards to the 35, it doesn't seem to have any focusing issues and is just plain sharper than the 50, even when it's on.

It really is an impressive lens, and as I said, it's also better built than the 50, though the 50 has the higher warranty being that its in the EX class. Not sure what Sigma is doing here.

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