Usefull experiment.. ! (D700... D3s.. D3X....D4... D800)

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Re: Usefull experiment.. ! (D700... D3s.. D3X....D4... D800)

rayman 2 wrote:

If you look at the files from the test setup from Dpreview in raw and process them

side by side at lets say 3200 iso or 6400 iso in Lightroom.. so that the noise JUST goes away..

in the end you will see that the cameras with the higher resolution will clear up with

much better results then the ones with lower resolution...

You will also see although the D3X from daily use recognised as a camera that exhibits noise

a little earlier... if processed so that noise goes away.... has a very nice and smooth

highres result.......

The camera is still very very good........

The D800 looks very very good also...quite frankly I like it best of all...

The lower MP camera is better for noise a myth that can easily be disapproved .. that way..

But compared to DX the whole lot of FX cameras all have an edge in the range of 3200-6400 iso(all ranges but we are looking at that range)..

You just have to know and consider the 1 stop system difference that the Dx cameras have over FX..

Its probably fairer to compare a Dx camera with a lens like 2-200 with an FX camera with a lens

2.8 and 300mm if used at widest open... and then in the end its a tie....


You should get more sleep. Your post is somewhat muzzy and disoriented. You start telling us something about higher resolution is always superior regarding IQ even at high ISO but later digress into FX vs DX claiming that FX is better (which it actually is).

So what exactly is it that you wanna tell us ?

Assuming that it's true what you claim (which probably is the case) a camera consists of more than just a sensor. That said even comparing a D4 to a D800 makes no sense due to their different operating ranges.

Contrary to common believe I have doubts that your (or anyone else) creativity is greatly motivated by this kind of insomnia.

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