XE1+35mm vs Leica M Monochrom + Lux 50

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Re: XE1+35mm vs Leica M Monochrom + Lux 50


Thank you so much for doing this comparison and for posting. This is very interesting - in particular since i'm in the market for a an X-E1 or X-Pro1 (that i absolutely don't need :-))

Now please don't flame me, but to my eyes the full MM shot does have a 3D quality that the X-E1 picture doesn't have - and yes, i know it's almost suicidal to bring this up, but i've been around long enough, with some Leica and non-Leica experience to venture here...

It might be that the Leica shot is slightly overexposed, a bit more contrasty, has a bit more bokeh, and the shirt is further turned towards the camera...

... therefore it would be absolutely fantastic if you were open to creating 1-2 new comparison shots - same setting but different, static, subjects.


Thank you for doing the comparison in the first place!


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