15mm body cap may not be as good as i thought (wanted)...

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Re: 15mm body cap may not be as good as i thought (wanted)...

Alumna Gorp wrote:

Reviews very quite a lot.


This misleading review is what I read a few days ago and that's why I had expectations... fool on me.

The guy at Sansmirror review above wrote: "Sharpness: The center is surprisingly quite good, even on the 16mp m4/3 bodies. If you get skilled enough to use the focus right and not depend upon lots of DOF, this lens is probably as good as the 14mm Panasonic at f/8 in the center."

And at the end: "Overall, this lens cap is certainly in good kit lens range in terms of its optical qualities, maybe even better."

He didn't post a single sample though to backup his opinion, and when I saw them on Camerahoarders, I got dissapointed and wanted to share in case anyone else has expectations. 15mm is not even close to "good kit lens". So much for some of the reviews that are floating on the web.

From now on I won't believe a single word how a lens or camera performs if there are no real life samples.

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