Vagabond Mini with non-Buff Flash Heads?

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Re: Vagabond Mini with non-Buff Flash Heads?

FrankZayas wrote:

Has anybody used the Vagabond Mini power pack with flash heads other then the Buff line? If so, any problems, or issues doing that? The web site kind of seems to discourage it, but I don't see why it would not work.

Because of the following: current draw of the flash, some flash heads do not tolerate (huge) voltage drops, and especially for multi-voltage flash heads, if the relays flip back and forth while detecting the correct input voltage, this can damage the flash.

And even if the voltage output is the similar to the convenience outlet, battery packs are still current limited.

You can also consider other battery packs in the markets, with higher power rating, if VML won't do the job.

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