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Re: 5N DMF Problem

windowsmaclinux wrote:

Here's how I do it on my NEX-6 (should be the same except that you're staring at the LCD while I'm looking at the EVF the whole time):

Actually, I have the EVF for my NEX 5N.

initially use the left hand to hold the lens and right hand around the grip with index finger on the shutter. Half press with that finger and turn the focus ring to adjust focus to your taste. Move the left hand back to support the body. Lift your right hand up (which is possible now because it doesn't have to grip to support the body) with the index finger still half pressing the shutter so that your thumb can cancel the magnified view. Check your composition and shoot. It's really unwieldy.

I just tried this. Yes, it is a way to get out of magnified view without releasing the shutter. It works, but it's very awkward.

Or since you're DMF'ing something that thing is not moving so why not just use MF? You have to turn the ring more but there's no fussing around with holding the shutter.

I'm using the AF with face detection mode enabled to capture a moving kid. But when she slows down, I like to MF with magnified view to really dial in focus on the eyes. It works well on my NEX 7, but I guess will not work well on the 5N.

On the 7: make sure you're in DMF and not MF. MF behaves the way you described. Or maybe I'm missing something that others can fill in.

I'm in DMF on the 7 and it works great. Autofocus with face detection. Slight turn on the ring zooms me in to fine tune the focus. Half shutter press and I'm out of magnified view to check composition. This is very useful and fairly easy to implement. I guess there's no way to get my 5N to do the same thing easily. This is unfortunate as it would be nice if both cameras operated under DMF the same way.

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