7D AF in AI SERVO (photos included)

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Re: 7D AF in AI SERVO (photos included)

Orange88 wrote:

How far away was the car? It looked to me like the windshield and driver were in focus but the grill of the car was slightly out of focus. Maybe you have a depth of field problem? At a distance of 25 meters the focus plane is only 1.2 meters in front of the focus point. As the car gets closer it should be even more difficult to get it entirely in focus at F2.0, right?

Well the distance of the car was obviously changing as it was travelling 50 km/h.

Since I was using the centre AF point, I tried to keep it over the gril of the car and that is what should be in focus (and it actually is from IMG_7063.jpg).

I obviously realise that at f2.0 is very shallow DOF, but that is what I want - I want the front of the car to be in focus and background to be blurry (and I don't mind if the rear of the car isn't perfectly in focus).

The "sharp sequence" towards the end is what would be perfect for me, but across the whole sequence, not just last few photos.

And as I already said, I was tracking the car with half-pressed shutter button for atleast 2-3 seconds before I actually started taking the photos.

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