5N DMF Problem

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Re: 5N DMF Problem

On the 5N: that's the way it works. You have to half press and then adjust focus. I agree that it can be physically demanding to hold the shutter while turning the focus ring. However, if you're dexterous enough you can use one finger to press the upper soft key (the one that engages the menu usually) to get out of magnified view. I think Sony has just ruined an otherwise very good function of the camera.

Here's how I do it on my NEX-6 (should be the same except that you're staring at the LCD while I'm looking at the EVF the whole time): initially use the left hand to hold the lens and right hand around the grip with index finger on the shutter. Half press with that finger and turn the focus ring to adjust focus to your taste. Move the left hand back to support the body. Lift your right hand up (which is possible now because it doesn't have to grip to support the body) with the index finger still half pressing the shutter so that your thumb can cancel the magnified view. Check your composition and shoot. It's really unwieldy.

Alternatively I have found that if your focus area is reasonably different from the surrounding you can use object tracking to achieve the same thing much more easily. Engage object tracking (which I have assigned to a soft key), choose your object. After the object is locked with a square box you are free to move the camera around to compose and the square box will be still on that object. Half press the shutter to focus on that object. You can turn the focus ring to fine tune focus because the camera will zoom in to the object you chose. Since you've already figured out your composition before the magnified view you just need to press the shutter. Voila!

Or since you're DMF'ing something that thing is not moving so why not just use MF? You have to turn the ring more but there's no fussing around with holding the shutter.

On the 7: make sure you're in DMF and not MF. MF behaves the way you described. Or maybe I'm missing something that others can fill in.

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