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Welcome to the forum!

I can empathize! I read these forums for quite a long time before finally deciding to join, and joined reluctantly, and then started to post hesitantly. I do not need a high MP count to make images that are pleasing to me. Based largely on DPR's reviews of various full-frame cameras, I purchased my first full-frame DSLR, a 5D "Classic," in December 2011. A year later, in December 2012, with 5D Mark II prices at an all-time low, and the 5D Mark III a known quantity, I purchased a second 5D Classic, largely so I can keep my 135L mounted full-time on one, and my 40mm 2.8 STM on the other. (Yes, Classic; such a title is earned, and I think the original 5D has earned it.)

At work, which is evidentiary photography, I do not need high MP, and APS-C cameras are the norm. I do use a current camera model, the 7D, actually two of them, for the weather resistance, excellent ergonomics, and quite good AWB, compared to earlier cameras, because I often have to shoot in the rain, in crappy mixed ambient lighting, under time constraints, and much of the time while holding the camera in one hand, while my left hand is otherwise occupied. The 7D helps me by making my job easier; the MP count is just a bonus, which will not be fully realized until I finally get around to doing more bird photography in future. The largest prints I have brought to court are 8x10, and smaller is the norm.

I acquired my first 5D over a year after my first 7D, so it is not as if I did not know about high FPS and fast AF at the time. Life is good!

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