Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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Disagree about price point

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$1500 or below for an E-7 is something acceptable. Olympus, wise up! Do not price people into the 35mm FF world.

That is the key. I "added" nikon gear as I gave up waiting on olympus this fall and lusted for something that was more than just incrementally better than the olympus bodies I already own. As the prices of FF gear drops, I personally -would- buy a E7 (E70?) body but I'm not going to pay $1800 for it when a D600 is $2000. I believe they would be smart to price the body attractively and hope to make their profits off the lenses people will buy to use on it.If the only thing they release is close to $2000, I'll likely get out of 4/3 and buy a D600 later this year instead.

Would you agree that it could justify the price on additional functionality / features? Admittedly the E-7 as an E-5 with OMD sensor may be hard to swallow for $1700, but if they can make it a new camera, $1700 would be a fair price for the quality one would be getting.

Depends on what "features" we are talking about. If it has improved VR etc than possibly.

It still will be a hard sell to people who aren't already invested in 4/3 glass. If it's "art filters" or some other software, then no, those types of features won't warrant a higher price. I would think a camera body would be more like a razor handle, they don't make money off the handle, they make their money off the blades. Clearly they need to make a profit but if they price it too close to a FF camera, it probably won't sell well IMHO.

Unless it's something really wonderful and USEFUL to the majority of users, it won't justify a price hike. If it's just some software gimmick, people won't pay.

The PC market is a very good example. Unless a PC's price increase is backed up by real hardware (GBs for memory and disk; Ghzs for CPU, Inches for screen, # of cores), people won't pay. This is exactly why Olympus has to price E cameras right - people already believe (rightfully) that 35mm sensor camera should be more expensive and E camera should be cheaper. Whether that actually translates into better photo/tool is an entirely different (even irrelevant) story. The price difference needs to be significant to be meaningful.

Of course, if Olympus can figure out Apple's secret (selling less, far less hardware for more, far more money), that's another story.

Apple's secret was to sell more *useful* computers than the competition.  I bought a MacBook Pro after noting that this was the laptop of choice for the leading engineers attending conferences I participated in for several years.  Some of these people ran whole engineering faculties and research facilities replete with advanced computers.  They could surely have brought laptops with faster CPU's and GPU's, etc.  But they brought along the best tool for the job.

THAT is what any new "pro" Olympus camera must be.  As useful, in its category, as the OM-D has proven in mFT's.   This, for me, means a truly weatherproof and durable camera with great ergonomics as well as at least an OM-D level sensor and good CAF as well as excellent AF.  Other features such as an excellent VF, decent high ISO/noise performance and DR are also important, but how it handles in the field, in rain, sand or freezing sleet remain key for me, and IMHO, for a pro DSLR, especially when a decent range of pro lenses is already available.

And that could, for me, certainly justify a price pretty close to that of a D600, though I do agree that it will sell better if they manage to price it significantly lower.

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